Eupharma Pty Ltd was established to focus on the research and development of innovative pharmaceuticals, products, and medical devices.

It specialises in both the research, development and patenting of new pharmaceuticals, the re-positioning of older drugs, and also the next stages of their supply, including production and the introduction of innovative products into the marketplace to assist pharmacists, clinicians and their patients and to improve the quality, convenience and utility of treatments.

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Eupharma is dedicated to the development, formulation and manufacture of new concepts in drug and device design and creating market value from innovative research.

Eupharma’s expertise is in the “repositioning” of older well established drugs for new clinical uses and the development of patents around these concepts, including the active substances, the final dosage forms of the drugs and in devices for their delivery.




It manages the research and development from understanding the modes of action of the chemical entity, to determining the dose responses, preferred delivery mechanisms and contracting and managing clinical and preclinical development.

It has built considerable expertise in the research and production of pharmaceutical raw materials (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or API’s) and the writing of Drug Master Files and identifying sites for production of API’s.


EUPHARMA has a long track record in building markets and distribution systems for new medical concepts from pharmaceuticals to medical devices.


It distributes novel and unique devices to aid hospitals in patient treatment and supply of pharmaceuticals. These include Kyeron orthopaedic consumables and Sartorius Stedim Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) mixing bags for hospital pharmacies.